NOUVELLES HEURES D’OUVERTURE A PARTIR DE 2017: du vendredi au dimanche de 13h à 18h
Vernissage B&W_Pawel Czermak (Web)

“Black & White” is an exclusive exhibition about nine different artist; André Willequet, Tapta, Michaël Matthys, Lukasz Kurzatkowski, Pawel Czermak, Hugo Claus, Vic Gentils, Albert Rubens and Jan Saverys.

The visitor can discover the diversity of materials, shapes and characters of the artworks, and will be amazed by the variety of this selection.

The main topic of this exhibition is the collaboration of colours, or as can be said, the lack of colours by only using black and white. This exhibition is selected by the art collectors Caroline & Maurice Verbaet. It shows their personal way of collecting, which does not depend on the tendency of today!

VERNISSAGE 21/01/2017

Caroline & Maurice Verbaet invite you at the opening of the exhibition

black & white @ the mvGallery

Hugo Claus, Pawel Czermak, Vic Gentils, Lukasz Kurzatkowski, Michaël Matthys, Albert Rubens, Jan Saverys, Tapta, André Willequet

Vernissage: 21/01/2017 5-8 pm